AJMLS Grad Profiled in Forbes

Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (AJMLS) alumnus, Brandon E. Campbell, recently received a prominent feature in Forbes. The article, Meet The 29-Year-Old Attorney On A Mission To Redefine Global Citizenship, was digitally released in Forbes Entrepreneurs Under 30.

The article is a deserving read that explains Campbell’s background, education, and early career that propelled him to apply and be accepted to the Remote Year program. Remote Year unites motivating neighborhoods of 50-80 freelancers, business owners, and experts for a year-long journey to work, travel, and reside in 12 different cities throughout the world. *.

Campbell had the forward-thinking vision to turn his really distinct yearlong international journey, entitled “Extended Family,” into an experiment that he is readily showing those following along on social networks. The pictures and videos he is sharing portray individuals and experiences he is having along the way.

Continue reading at Atlanta’s John Marshall.

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