Janie Parks Varnell Learned the Law in Atlanta, Georgia

Alumna and 2012 graduate Janie Parks Varnell currently practices as a criminal defense attorney with the firm Davis & Hoss in Chattanooga, TN. Varnell represents individuals accused of criminal offenses in state and federal court. Significantly, Varnell was recently included in an Editorial in the Hamilton County Herald. The short article concentrated on Varnell’s belief that her education taught her how to practice law.

While a student, Varnell made the most of all that AJMLS needed to offer and maximized her legal education. She emphasizes that she did not just discover the law, however more notably she discovered how to practice it. In specific, Varnell reported that Professor Mears took her under his wing during her time at AJMLS and spent a substantial quantity of time discussing the ins and outs of practicing law to her. The Editorial reports that Varnell will always be indebted to Professor Mears because he made the effort to explain to her ways to be an attorney.

Learn more –  http://www.johnmarshall.edu/alumnus-janie-parks-varnell-learned-practice-law-time-ajmls/.

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