Michael Silverman Continues to Shine After Graduation

Savannah Law School alumnus Michael E. Silverman genuinely made his mark while a student at SLS. Following his 2016 graduation, admittance to the Georgia Bar, and entrance into the regional legal community, he has actually continued an already seasoned profession.

Before getting in law school, Silverman served our country as a battle arms officer in the United States Army. Before being commissioned as a regular Army officer in 1988, he was an enlisted Marine. In fact, today Silverman is the only previous Army battalion leader practicing law in the country.

While in law school, Silverman was greatly included. He was a valuable member of the Savannah Law Review. Specifically, his Note was selected for publication: Toward a Modern, Apolitical Death Penalty Abolition Movement in Georgia (and Other Conservative States). Silverman also revealed significant dedication to Savannah Law School’s academic dialogue, as president emeritus of the Federalist Society chapter, he welcomed nationally known speakers to the law school. Additionally, his participation in moot court showed his talent for advancing legal arguments.

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